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Happy Wedding Day

Paul Harborne
The Wedding Celebrant

It’s All in the Details

Often when couples are asked about their wedding day.

The ceremony is the last thing on their mind, to be mentioned.

Many couples view this part of the day, as something they have little control of.

And don’t realise, just how many personal touches.

Can be added to their nuptials if they wish…

One of the first things to decide, when you plan your wedding.

Is what kind of ceremony, you might like to have.

And these days there, are so many options to consider. 

Yet most couples, aren’t even aware of the choices!

Celebrant Ceremony 
Here’s where the fun really begins!

A popular growing choice amongst couples, planning their wedding today.

Is to opt for an independent celebrant, to officiate the ceremony. 

A celebrant is an individual who is trained, to provide you with a custom made ceremony. 

Designed to celebrate your union, in a way which is meaningful and appropriate to you.

And your choices for your wedding and way of life.

A celebrant is not restricted in any way by religion or government law.

Which means that your ceremony can include, absolutely anything you wish! 


Some couples may opt to use a celebrant.

To incorporate an element of spiritual symbolism in their ceremony.

Such a Hand Fasting or any ceremony, involving a symbolic element.

Such as candles, sand, water, crystals, trees, doves… the options are endless! 

Some may wish to include a relevant tradition important to their family or cultural heritage.  

Such as a Chinese Tea Ceremony,

a Jewish Glass Smash, a Persian Honey Blessing, a religious blessing,

Or anything else which is meaningful to you.

You might even wish to come up with your own tradition for future generations to follow….


Celebrants typically pride themselves on working, very closely with their couples.

To get to know them, before their day.

And to design and create a ceremony, which is bespoke to them.

Even if you opt to have a very traditional service, a celebrant will still aim to get to know you.

And ask questions about your relationship, to be able to share.

An element of your love’s personal story on your day. 

You can also chose to write your own vows, exchange wedding rings. 

And involve guests in giving readings.

Or you can do something different, all together. It’s completely up to you!


Being unrestricted by law, a celebrant can officiate your ceremony in any location.

Indoors or outdoors and in any venue -

Public or private anywhere in the world.

Whether or not your venue, holds a license for marriage.

The one down-side? A celebrant cannot legally marry you. 

So for your marriage to be recognised by law.

You must also register your marriage in legal ceremony, either before or after the wedding day.

This can be done very easily and for a minimum fee in a Statutory Ceremony.

Some couples may ask, “will my ceremony still feel like a ‘real wedding’?”

And all celebrants will agree.

That  “yes, of course it will!”.

A celebrant ceremony is quite possibly, one of the most personal ways

You can opt to make, your marriage commitment. 

And the majority of the time, the guests don’t even realise the difference.  

They’re too busy enjoying the moment, you smile and say “I do!”

Length of ceremony: It’s up to you!

But anywhere between 20 – 40 minutes is recommended.

So, what are you waiting for?

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