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Group of Babies

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Creating Memories

Naming ceremonies are the perfect way.

To welcome a child of any age, into a family.

It helps to confirm their identity, whether new-borns, adopted children or step children.

Single parents also find that such a ceremony is a wonderful way.

To affirm their commitment to their child,

While publicly acknowledging the adults.

Whom they have chosen to help and support them.

In the raising of their child through its formative years.

While faith-based ceremonies, such as Christenings. 

Have long-established traditional scripts. 

Choosing the right words, for a more personal ceremony, can be difficult.

As part of the ceremony planning process.

Paul likes to meet, each family personally.

To get to know, the baby or child.

He takes time to create a script, that meets his high standards.

As well as fulfilling the parents' dreams. 

While encapsulating the child’s personality and character.

He brings along his valuable resource material.

And helps you choose or write your own promises, and select readings and music.

He also makes suggestions for additional content.

To ensure that each ceremony is personalised.

And embraces the family and guests.


The child being named, and each godparent/guide parent.  

Receives a personalised parchment certificate.

To remind them of their promises and duties.


As a father himself, Paul knows, that it takes a lot of trust for parents.

To literally place their baby, into his hands. 

But by putting their faith in him.

They can rest assured and comfortable.

In the knowledge that this will result.

In the perfect naming ceremony for their child.


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